Hi!  My name is Courtney Leipertz and I am a senior voice education major.  This is my last semester on JMU’s campus, because I will be student teaching in the Spring.  I am super excited for the next few months and I hope that I won’t stress out to much (fingers crossed.)

Last semester, I used Thingiverse for Career’s 3D printers in the basement and I was able to print multiple dorky things, but I have never actually designed an object to print before.

In my free time,  I love watching anime series and reading manga.  My favorite series by far is “HunterXHunter.”  I also am a huge fan of “The Legend of Zelda” video games.  The best video game of all time is “Ocarina of Time,” but my favorite game is “Majora’s Mask.”  I’m interested to see what I attempt to create this semester with my nerdy interests.

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