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Hello! My name is Laura Taalman and I’m the instructor for this class.

In real life you can call me “Laura” or “Dr. Taalman” or “Professor Taalman”, but in most 3D printing communities online I’m known as “mathgrrl”. Here’s where you can find me online:

I’ve worked in the JMU Department of Mathematics since 2000. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Chicago and my Ph.D. in mathematics is from Duke University. I recently spent two years living in New York City and working for MakerBot, Ultimaker, the Digital Harbor Foundation, and Shapeways. If I had any spare time I would spend it playing Minecraft.


Objectives for this post

  • Show that you can log in and create a post in WordPress.
  • Help me learn things about you and have a reference point with your name and picture.


  • This assignment is due before the start of class on Thursday, 8/31.
  • Every student in the class should complete their own post separately.
  • This assignment is worth 3 points, according to what will be our usual “small assignment” scale:
    • 3 = above and beyond
    • 2 = good job, satisfies all requirements
    • 1 = some requirements met
    • 0 = not sufficient

Writing requirements

  • You can use your full name in this post if you want to, OR you can use your first name and last initial if you would rather not post your full name online. Also please include what you like to be called and any pronounciation tips.
  • Share whatever you are comfortable sharing; remember that this information will be online and that everyone in class will be able to see it. Talking about your experience with mathematics and/or 3D printing is a good start, but you can include anything you like.
  • Include something for the Featured Image, preferably something that is a picture of you, if you are comfortable doing so. Include a copy of the same image somewhere in your post so that it will be visible when reading the post itself.
  • You must set the post Category to “Hello” to get graded credit for this post.

WordPress how-tos

  • Select category: From the Category widget in the right hand sidebar, activate the Hello checkbox, and un-check the Uncategorized checkbox. If you miss this step then I will not be able to see your post when I search by Category to assign grades, so make sure to do this step.
  • Create a link: Select the text that you want to turn into a link and then click on the link/chain icon in the top menu bar and paste in your desired link.
  • Embed images: Make sure to include images to illustrate your post. Download an image that you want to use, and make a note of where you got it. Place the cursor where you want to put the image in the edit window for your post, then click the “Add Media” button near the top of the screen. Select the “Upload Files” tab and upload your image. In the text of your post, sure to refer to and provide credit/source links for each image.
  • Add a Featured Image: use the “Featured Image” widget in the right sidebar near the edit window, and upload a landscape-oriented image. The image won’t automatically appear in your post, but it will appear in the Excerpt for your post on the main page.

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