Firework Fractal

For our first design, we wanted to go with something that was simple to create but flexible to expand on. As of now, our design is made up of different sized shape of gears. We started off with the center gear being 60×60 and then […]

Whirly Cross Fractal

September 14, 2017 Grant Folsom

The repetition is by half the dimensions of the previous base. (Ex: Base 3 is half the length, width, and height of Base 2). Each increased base is then halted and so on. This makes it a fractal because it is a duplicate and a scaled […]

Super Mickey Fractal

September 13, 2017 Katy Wagner

For our first design, our group wanted to do something simple but interesting. At first, we weren’t sure what to create so we got some inspiration by looking up some random and funny things on google. We ended up finding an image that had a bunch of smiley faces which […]

Mandala Fractal

September 13, 2017 Ni Trisadhani

For our very first design, we were inspired by some mandala pictures that we found, and they resembled fractals because a mandala is just several levels of rings with different self-similar designs in each ring. We wanted to construct it in a way that it would look original […]

Sunflower Fractal

September 13, 2017 Michael Conway

After studying fractals in class for the past few weeks, our group decided to try to make our own. In making our fractal we decided to go for a sunflower type shape with a hollow center, where the image repeats by halving its size […]

Fruit Loops Fractal

We created a circular fractal for this assignment. None of us had ever seen anything like this, so we thought it would be perfect to experiment with and present to the class. This design is a fractal because it is simply a repeating […]

Tinkercad Fractal example post

September 12, 2017 mathgrrl

We decided to make a simple Minecraft Creeper fractal for the purposes of this example post, but you should try to think outside the box and consider many different ways of generating a fractal to come up with your own unique design. Your assignment is to create a new fractal […]