Hey I’m Megan! I’m a freshman Communications major at JMU and I’m from Long Island, NY.  JMU is about 7  and a half hours from home but I chose it because it is the perfect fit for me. I knew I wanted to go away to school because I came from a very small high school and I needed a change. Part of my decision came from my high school calculus teacher who is a JMU Alumni. His enthusiasm about this school was inspiring and made me interested in it from the beginning.

I love the atmosphere here and I’m looking forward to the future. I love being active and playing organized sports. I also love music, traveling and my 2 cats (Tiger & Mollie)  🙂 I’m so excited to begin exploring all the possibilities of 3D printing in this class and learning new concepts! This kind of math class is very interactive and so unique. I’ve dealt with 3D printing a couple times before but I’m looking forward to learning more about how mathematics ties into it.