Sierpinski Triangle

The fractal I choose to be my first print is the Sierpinski Triangle. I choose this because the second phase of the Sierpinski triangle of this fractal represents the Triforce from the award-winning video game series, The Legend of Zelda.

This Wikipedia article explains that each phase is duplicating the already existing triangles and shrinking them to a 1:3 ratio, covering about 3/4th of the previous triangle. Another method of explaining this process is by making four triangles, three pointing upwards and one downwards. When that is done, the triangle that faces downwards is removed.

In Thingverse, I chose arkhan0579’s Triforce keychain to print because it is an easy and simple design. (Pictured above). It represents the second iteration of the Sierpinski Triangle. While the exact measurement are not given, arkhan0579 has a photo with a penny holding the ¬†finished product up. I speculate that the print is approximately 50mm in length. With my inexperience with 3d printer, I want to start slow and then work my way up to more complicated and difficult designs in the future.

3D Printing Results

The design was enlarged as to about 65mm as the original was smaller. The model took about 30 minutes to make. The simple design helped me make a larger print because there were no complicated ways the 3D printer needed to do. My make can be found here along with the original maker of the print.