Tues Sept 12 – Tinkercad Fractals

// Roundup //

According to the Assignments page, by this morning you should have read the first part of the Fractals book and added a section to your First Fractals blog post about your printed fractal. The few of you who have not yet printed your First Fractals have an extension until Thursday. We’ve now seen lots of examples of fractals, so it’s time to ask some mathematical questions and also to make your own fractals!

// Today //

  • Send any remaining “First Fractals” (or reprints) to the printers, or just print a dragon curve if you have time
  • Any remaining “First Fractals” presentations
  • Reading quiz – and discuss some of the answers
  • Group project: Tinkercad Fractals
    • Quick introduction to Tinkercad (especially Ruler, arrow keys, snap grid, Align, Workplane, Copy-Paste, Control-D)
    • Think about the different ways you could generate a fractal structure and then work with your group to plan and build one in Tinkercad
    • Choose roles for the members of your group; you need one Designer, one Math Consultant, and one Writer
    • Set things up so you can work together remotely: Make your Tinkercad file public and share the link with your group, learn how to use Collaboration in Tinkercad, and share emails/text/contact info
  • Fill out the Card Swipe Access Agreement
  • Comments: Make sure Settings/Discussion has “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment” checked, since I will use comments to let you know if I happen to notice something missing in your assignment that I can change before I grade it. (I won’t always review every post for this in advance, but if I happen to see something then I will point it out to you.)

// For Next Time //

For homework your group will create the first iteration of your fractal model and complete the first sections of your Tinkercad Fractal blog post.