Tues Sept 19 – Iterate, Calculate

// Roundup //

According to the Assignments page, by today’s class you should have fixed any issues with your Tinkercad Fractal blog post, and added a new section documenting your first draft 3D print.

// Today in class //

  • If you have prints to send to the printer, please get those started right away. Anything under one hour should be fine. If you need to fix your design before printing, or need more time for printing, or need to print another version, then do that outside of class.
  • Calculating the length of the Dragon Curve
    • Increases by a factor of 2/sqrt(2) each level
    • What happens as the levels go to infinity?
    • Note this is the “replace with angles” version not the “fold paper version” which stays that same length because it is a fixed length of paper.
  • What calculations can you make about your group’s Tinkercad fractal? Can you calculate the length, area, or volume of various levels of the fractal? What about as the iterations “go to infinity”?
  • If you haven’t already for some reason, make sure you’ve filled out the Card Swipe Access Agreement, so that you have access to the 3SPACE classroom outside of class hours.
  • Don’t forget to send a test print to the printer when your print has completed.

// For next time //

For next class you’ll add a section to your blog post about any calculations you can or can’t do for your Tinkercad fractal. You’ll also do some more reading from the Fractals book; see the Assignments page for details.