Thurs Sept 21 – Fractal dimension

Today we’ll work on finishing up the math for your blog posts; here’s the rundown:

  • Quick reading quiz
  • Help with length/area/volume calculations and fractal post (see my comments)
  • Fractal dimension with¬†the 3Blue1Brown fractal dimension video
    • We’ll review some of what we watched last time (starting at 4:30),
    • then continue watching (from 7:40),
    • then stop (at time 9:40).

  • Takeaways from that video:
    • (scale-down factor)^(dimension) = 1/(number of copies)
    • S^D = 1/N
    • D = log_S (1/N)
    • D = (ln S)/(ln 1/N)
  • Picture of the board:

  • Can you calculate fractal dimension of your fractal? If not, calculate the fractal dimension of your “First Fractal” model instead.

Finishing the Tinkercad Fractal post

  • Change the name of “Initial Calculations” to “Volume Calculations” (or length, or area, as appropriate).
  • Add a final section called “Fractal Dimension” to your blog post, and include your calculation of fractal dimension. Explain your work as much as possible.
  • If you need to reprint your fractal, or to print it larger, then do that before the next class, and add a picture of the print to your post.
  • Change your Tinkercad Fractal blog post Featured Image to the photo of your final 3D printed fractal.
  • Upload your fractal to Thingiverse (choose Create, then Upload a Thing)
    • Make sure that the photo is the first/cover image
    • Include the tag JMU3SPACE
    • Include a link to your blog post in a final “Thingiverse” section
  • Check that your Tinkercad Fractal post looks as much as possible like the example post, including¬†each of the required sections, all pictures *full size* (not small), a featured image, “Heading 3” sized section titles, real title and not just “Tinkercad Fractal”, correct formatting on group members section, inclusion of all of the required content, and so on. Check what was just listed and also look back at the original assignments and requirements for details.
  • FINAL BLOG POST DEADLINE NEXT CLASS, TUESDAY 9/26 — and be ready to present your work to the class.