Tues Oct 3 – Open Project Pitches

For the last week you’ve been thinking about what you might want to investigate from the Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension book. Time for pitches and forming groups!

// Ground rules //

  • You must have different group members than last time
  • You must have a different “role” than last time
  • Each group must do a different project
  • Start by standing up and walking over to people that picked the same chapter
  • Get in groups of three and choose from best ideas to make a pitch
  • Your goal: illustrate/teach/explain something with 3D prints and blog post

// Chapters //

1. Can You Digit? (counting, bases)
2. Making Shapes (pizza cutting, constructions, cake cutting)
3. Be There and Be Square (Pyth thm, sphere packing, roots)
4. Shape Shifting (wobblers, rollers, flexagons)
5: Shapes: Now in 3D (geometries, cubes, Platonic solids, Euler char, 3D rollers)
6: Pack it Up, Pack it In (packing, tilings, bubbles, balls)
7: Prime Time (prime numbers, factors, amicable numbers, patterns)
8: Knot a Problem (knots, colorings, Borromean rings, shoelaces)
9: Just for Graphs (graphs, utilities, planarity, polyhedra, 4-coloring)
10: The Fourth Dimension (slices, hypercubes, Platonics)
11: The Algorithm Method (dating, tricks, Tower of Hanoi)
12: How to Build a Computer (engines, gates, dominoes)
13: Number Mash-Ups (graphs, Fibonacci, golden ratio, sequences, zeta)
14: Ridiculous Shapes (Mobius, surfaces, torus, Klein)
15: Higher Dimensions (5D cubes, packing hyperspheres, Platonics)
16: Good Data Die Hard (error correction, ASCII, spreadsheets)
17: Ridiculous Numbers (irrationals, transcendentals, the real line)
18: To Infinity and Beyond (upsetting facts, Hilbert hotel, Cantor)

// For Next Time //

For homework you will rate your group members from the previous project and start working on design, math, and documentation with your new group. See the Assignments page.