Thurs Oct 5 – Begin Open Projects

Not much to say today except “let’s go!”

Ground rules for the Open Projects

  • Your goal is to find something to design and 3D print, and then talk about the math related to that object.
  • You must design the object from scratch in Tinkercad or some other design program, and document the design process. Expect to go through several rounds of design.
  • When 3D printing, remember to test small and then iterate your design. When you’re ready to print your final design, make it NICE. Make sure to leave print and iteration time to get it right.
  • The main goal of this project is for you to describe a mathematical concept that is illustrated by your 3D model. You should research and understand the mathematics, and think carefully about how to explain that concept to someone new to the idea.
  • Your grade for this project will be determined by your documentation and implementation of three things:
    • the iterative design process,
    • the quality of your final 3D print(s), and
    • the depth and clarity of your mathematical discussion.

Picky points for the day: Heading 2 or 3 for section headers. Shift-return to avoid extra line space in group list. Featured image. Let’s all take a minute to fix it NOW

Homework: Keep going. Document your progress between this class and next in a section called “First Steps”.