Thurs Oct 12 – Print, Math, Write

// Print Stuff //

  • Drafts: If you have something to print for your Open Project, obviously do that before anything else.
  • Reprints: Some of you had First Fractals that were messed up a bit by rafts, or could have been printed larger to look better. If so, please reprint your First Fractal again before the end of the semester. Maybe today, if you don’t have something else to send to the printer yet?
  • More copies: If you and a partner both want a copy of one of your group prints, then print another one!
  • Classroom copies: If you print that came out particularly nicely, then you could print another one to give to the classroom to keep on display.  🙂
  • TEST PRINTS: Please don’t forget to run a test print when you are done using a printer. Doing so helps us know that the printers are ready and working for the next class.

// Mathematics //

  • Everyone, especially the math consultants: Check with me today that you have a good mathematical story/lesson to share about your print.

// Writing //

  • Various formatting issues:
    • Title should be a real title, not including “Open Project” or your name
    • Change photos to full size (you may want to re-crop portrait images)
    • Use “Header 2” for section title formatting
  • Please organize your post into the following sections, which will be filled in as you complete your Open Project:
    • Group Member Roles
      List your group members and roles.
    • Project Idea
      Outline of your initial idea, including at least one image.
    • First Steps
      Document your initial progress on this project, including at least one photo or screenshot.
    • Design Process
      Describe your design iterations from beginning to end, including photos and screenshots. Don’t forget to document even the things that went wrong!
    • Final Print of <Your Thing’s Name>
      Present your final print with at least one very good landscape-orientation photo; change the “Featured Image” of your post to this photo. also post your design to Thingiverse and link to it here.
    • The Mathematics of <Your Thing’s Name>
      Here is where you tell the mathematical lesson/story behind your object; include photos, diagrams, illustrations, ideally including something that uses the print that you made. If you use other sources, be sure to reference them. If you use direct quotes, be sure they are in quotation marks and properly sourced. Everything that you write should be something that every member of your group would be comfortable explaining. Your writing should likely include some calculations or arguments/proofs. Imagine that this section is a short chapter in a friendly coffee-table book about mathematics; you want to teach something, and tell a story here.

// Next Steps //

  • Your homework is to have each group member move this project forward between the end of class today and the start of class on Tuesday. See the Assignments page.
  • MAKE PLANS NOW for what everyone in your group is going to do between now and next class.
  • Your goal is to have your blog post mostly written, and final prints ready to send to the printers, in ONE WEEK, that is, by Thursday, October 19.
  • Presentations will potentially begin on Tuesday, October 24.