Tues Oct 17 – Open Projects Continue

So… our current plan is to work today, be ready to start sending final prints and doing final edits on Thursday, and then begin presentations in one week, on Tuesday.

QUESTION: How are you doing? Will starting presentations on Tuesday be okay, or would you be able to push your project further if you have more time? Discuss with your groups and then we’ll discuss as a class.

(ANSWER FROM CLASS WAS: One more day, please! So I’ve updated our timeline accordingly on the Assignments page.)

How presentations will work for this project:

  • Each group’s presentation will start with the “math” section, while they follow along with their blog post and discuss the mathematical topic illustrated by their print(s).
  • The class will be able to ask questions after the math presentations, and they should, because later there will be a quiz that covers a little bit of math from each group’s project.
  • Once we’ve settled the math, the group will finish their presentation by talking about the design process for their prints.

// Next Time //

Keep working; although I’m not assigning individual homework points each day, the work you do now will help you earn the maximum number of points on your final project print, writeup, and presentation.