Tues Nov 7 – OpenSCAD fractals

// Roundup //

By this point you should be completely done with your Open Project and everything about its documentation and blog post. We’re now moving on to an invididual project where each student must make their own design. Ech of you should have already gone through the PolyBowls video and then created an object of your own with OpenSCAD.

// Start some prints //

Get some prints started! Everyone print what you created in OpenSCAD. Use both the Ultimakers and the Afinias.

// Loose ends //

// New individual project: Fractal Carpets //

  • Open the Fractal Carpets code in OpenSCAD
  • Follow the design instructions at the top of the code (we’ll do the math part later)
  • Each student must do their own, so make sure everyone has a chance
  • Geometric series quiz AGAIN on Thursday – any questions now?

// Homework //

  • Each person should create and print at least one level of their unique Fractal Carpet; see the Assignments page for details.
  • Study for Thursday’s repeat of the Geometric Series quiz; see theĀ Assignments page for more information.
  • Don’t forget to fill out the group rating form for the Open Project, so that your group members will get credit!