Tues Nov 14 – Math Writing and Infinite Series

First: Print stuff

  • You should have all three levels of your personal carpet fractal printed. We’ll start with a quiz-check to reward those of you that have done so.
  • If not, or if you have prints from the Afinia whose rafts did not separate well, then send prints to the Ultimakers as needed. You may also want to print some of the guide-grids, if they will better illustrate and explain the mathematical calculations in your blog post.

Second: Check your math and your writing

  • Each student share the calculation part of your blog post with your other group members. Give each other feedback on the writing and explanations.
  • Things to discuss: How can you make your work clearer? What images or diagrams would help explain your writing to someone who is reading about this for the first time? Remember, the math is about explaining the story and process, not just listing a series of equations, calculations, and formulas. Use words and pictures to explain what you are doing. For homework you’ll be revising your writing in this section.

Third: Infinity!

  • Your infinite geometric series quizzes were SO MUCH BETTER this time, great job!
  • Now apply what you know about infinite geometric series to your Fractal Carpets. Specifically, find the surface area of the “infinite” level of your fractal. For homework you’ll be writing up this work as a new section.

Fourth: Code!

  • If we have time today, we’ll walk through the OpenSCAD code that created your Fractal Carpets, and discuss step-by-step what the program does. If we don’t have enough time today then we’ll pick this up next class 🙂

For next time

  • Work on the math sections of your blog post; see the Assignments page for more details.
  • Print any remaining fractal levels or overlay grids. Those of you that can, try printing a Level 4!