Tues Nov 28 – Logistics

Welcome back! Today we’ll handle various administrative/grading issues, and start planning for final presentations next week.

First: Grades and Revisions

  • Hand out individual grade estimates
  • In Open Project groups: Hand back grades, discuss revisions
  • Stand up and meet in Tinkercad Fractal groups: Hand back grades, discuss revisions
  • Sit back down in Open Project groups please

Second: Finish up Fractal Carpets

  • Hand out rubric for Fractal Carpet post
  • Due next class! (See the Assignments Page)

Third: Planning for Presentations

  • Dragon curve station with large demo and play area:  2-3 people
  • Printed fractals station with dim and perim/area/vol:  2-3 people
  • Carpet fractal station with dim and area:  2-3 people
  • Open Projects presentations/stations:  2 people from each group
  • Everyone discuss, then let’s poll and see where we are