Thurs Nov 30 – Presentation Preparations

Today’s quiz:

  • Do you have your First Fractal, Tinkercad Fractal, and Carpet Fractal prints? Record it on the sheet that will be passed around, then give your prints to the corresponding groups (you’ll get them back next week).

Keep working on presentations:

  • Dragon Curve, Fractal Menagerie, and Carpet Fractal groups meet and figure out next steps
  • Open Project groups meet and figure out how best to display, present, and explain their projects. Make absolutely sure that each group member knows how to explain the mathematics confidently. How will you display that math for people to see? Is there anything interactive you can let people do? Do you need to print anything larger/better?
  • Plan for what people need to do before Tuesday to get ready. Who will print things? Who will make signs or math explanations? What else needs doing?
  • Here’s a nice option for standing up informational index cards or project signs: Card stand by Tosh on Thingiverse

For homework: 

  • Be ready Tuesday with all prints, props, signs, and other objects for your presentation, and to go through a quick trial run with me as the “audience”.