Tues Dec 5 – Presentation Runthroughs

Today you’ll all do a practice run of your presentations. Get set up and ready for me to come by and see a practice run.

FYI, here’s the email I sent to the math department faculty/staff/students:

On this Thursday morning from 9:45-10:45am, my MATH 103 students will be displaying a showcase of their final projects for your enjoyment, including 3D printed fractals, knots, hinged dissections, and more.


Please feel free to stop by anytime during the hour and to invite your friends and students or even your whole class.

Course Evaluations

  • In the last 15 minutes of class we’ll do a set of official Course Evaluations.
  • Later this week I’ll also have some Surveys for you to fill out, for some extra credit points. WATCH YOUR EMAIL.

For Next Time

  • Thursday’s class will be in ROOP 103, just across the quad. Be there early to set up if you are able to do so.
  • Make sure you have everything you need for your showcase presentation with you in advance so that you can be at the presentation location on time with all your supplies.
  • Look at the Assignments page for information about the Showcase blog post and final assignments.