Hinged Dissections Showcase

Group Members

Nathan Glass

Emily Clark


On Thursday we had our class Showcase event. For our presentation, Emily and I focused on Hinged Dissections. To help people visualize Hinged Dissections, we had a few different displays. One of our displays had information on Rhombic Dodecahedron along with two 3-D printed models that people could physically transform from a rhombic dodecahedron into cube form and back again. The other display had information on Dudeneys Dissection; explaining the dissections math and also three printed models viewers could move around on the table. This allowed people to do the transition from triangle to square themselves, witch makes the concept of the Dundeney Dissection easy to understand.


Other Projects

Another project at the showcase when into the math behind Trefoil Knots. Along with a couple 3-D printed model, they had printed diagrams of the knot. Also they traced the projections of the printed models to show they are studied by mathematicians.