Fractal Carpets Showcase

Our group consisted of Haleigh Sink, Summer Xia, and Megan Shanian and we were assigned to present the classes fractal carpets. For our presentation, we showed everyone what fractal carpets are and all the ones that the class made for their individual projects. We decided the best way to show the differences in the fractal carpets we created, we laid out an example of a fractal carpet with only 3 squares removed (a simpler fractal) and one with 5 squares removed (a complex fractal). In order to properly explain what fractal carpets were, we laid out a notecard of their basic definition. Also, we created notecards with their area and sum of infinite geometric series calculations. Lastly, Summer illustrated the different levels of fractal carpets for both the simple and complex prints. This illustration also defined the dimension of each.

During our presentation, we also walked around to other groups.

The other groups explained how they created their projects and the math behind each of them. Each group did amazing at presenting and explaining exactly how they calculated certain dimensions of their project.