Knot Table Display Set

A few years ago, a group of five JMU students designed and 3D printed specific conformations of the first fifteen knots in the “Knot Table“, a catalog of distinct knots used by mathematicians who study knot theory. These knots were intended for display in one of the Roop entryway cases, but were never installed. After visiting many conferences, many of the knots are now lost or broken. The goal of this project is to reprint this set of knots and get them on display!

Students working on this project would use the files at 3D-printed Conformations of Knots through 7 Crossings on Thingiverse, and make decisions about how to scale, orient, and color each knot to make the most pleasing display set. They will also use Fusion360 to create a set of simple custom display stands, and create a set of museum-style display notes. The original models were made in KnotPlot, Mathematica, OpenSCAD, and TopMod, and files and notes are availble for reference in case any knots require modifications. No previous experience in knot theory or 3D design is needed for this project.

Past students: Jonathan Gerhard, Greg Houchins, Kirill Korsak, Taylor Meador,
and Patrick Moran