Current Open Projects

Are you a JMU math major with an interest in mathematical 3D printing? We are currently recruiting students for the projects below. No experience required!

By working on projects you can get trained to use the 3D printers in our Lab and be given access to print your own models. Students who develop enough experience can apply to be Lab Assistants, join theĀ Ars Geometrica 3D project seminar for a research credit or Honors Thesis project, or even collaborate with faculty to publish a research paper. If you’re a math major and interested in joining our 3D team, please fill out THIS FORM.

Spatial Graph Conformations

Chaotic Attractors

Rocket Exhaust Trench

Optimal Rolling Trefoil

Ten-Cut Pliers Research

Knot Table Display Set

Catalan Polyhedra Wireframes

Snap-Together Polyhedra