Catalan Polyhedra Wireframes

The picture on the left is a render of a 3D wireframe model of a Triakis Icosahedron, one of the thirteen Catalan solids. The goal of this project is to print large models of all thirteen Catalan wireframes on the Form2.

The files for the wireframes are in the Catalan Polyhedra collection (in progress) on Thingiverse. Dr. Taalman will finish this collection, so no 3D design skills are needed for this project.

Students working on the Catalan Polyhedra project will decide how best to scale these files to get a consistent set that is as large as possible, based on the size of the biggest Catalan model and the size of the Form2 build area. They will also learn how to prepare 3D files in the PreForm software, add additional support structure as needed, and print with the Form2 resin printer. Post-processing will include washing and UV curing the model, removing supports, sanding, and polishing with mineral oil.