Tildes Ring

I really struggled with a design for this ring. I wanted something simple but detailed. I finally decided on using the tilde, or more commonly called, the squiggly thing below the escape button on most keyboards. I liked this […]

Fifty [odd] Forms!

September 13, 2017 Katia Zillic

In this plane, I played around with importing images and the use of shapes as holes in other shapes. In the back, I created some strange crayon looking objects, one box with a cool patterned top, and a six-sided di. I imported an image of […]


September 7, 2017 Katia Zillic

Hey Everyone, My name is Katia Zillic. I am a Junior (yikes, already?) Health Services Administration Major with a General Business Minor. I am from Manassas, Virginia, aka NoVa. I have little (no) experience with 3D printing, but am excited to learn about it and […]