Thurs 4/25 – Final Showcase!

Review of what you’ve done in this class

  • Learned how to design 3D prints and operate 3D printers
  • Made some really amazing, creative prints
  • Used the internet to teach yourself how to do things you’d never done before
  • Contributed to the learning community through public documentation/blog
  • Contributed to the 3D printing community on Thingiverse
  • Learned how to use professional 3D design software (!)
  • Learned how to CODE (!!)

Group Presentations

  • Show your final OpenSCAD/Customizer prints
  • Open your blog post and use it to discuss how your code works
  • Open your Thingiverse Customizer and talk about how it works

Final Showcase – Gallery Walk

  • Arrange your prints in front of your keyboard
  • One person from each group get up and walk around to see everyone’s work.
  • The second person will stay put to answer questions and showcase the prints
  • After a while I’ll call for you to switch roles

Course Evaluations

  • Online evaluations on Canvas
  • Paper evaluations (to be returned to Roop Hall)