Thurs 4/25 – Final Showcase!

April 25, 2019 mathgrrl

Review of what you’ve done in this class Learned how to design 3D prints and operate 3D printers Made some really amazing, creative prints Used the internet to teach yourself how to do things you’d never done before Contributed to the learning community through public […]

Thurs 4/18 – Customization

April 18, 2019 mathgrrl

After presenting your code today, we’ll work on making it customizable for Thingiverse users. The goal is to identify the key parameters of your design that you want a person to be able to modify, and then to determine appropriate ranges and/or values for those […]

Tues 4/9 – Starting OpenSCAD

April 9, 2019 mathgrrl

Today we’ll watch the PolyBowls video to get started with OpenSCAD: Go to the YouTube link and watch the video Open a new file in OpenSCAD (download here if you want it on your own machine) Copy and paste the code in the description of […]

Thurs 3/28 – Starting Fusion 360

March 28, 2019 mathgrrl

Note:  If you have something little you want to print today, go ahead and get that started 🙂  Get a Fusion 360 account Fusion 360 is already on the desktop computers in 3SPACE. You can log into Fusion 360 with your Autodesk email and password […]

Tues 3/12 – First Day

December 28, 2018 mathgrrl

Welcome to the first day of ISCI 104! This post outlines what we will do during the first class period: saying hello to each other, printing Penny Traps, taking a tour of the 3D design software we’ll be using this semester, and setting up accounts and outlines to get ready for the homework. […]