Honeycomb Hexagon

The very first fractal that I would like to print is called the Hexagonal fractal, and it is also known as the honeycomb fractal. There are actually different versions of the hexagonal fractal, however this particular one fascinates me the most because of its form and shape, resembling the honeycombs that bees make in nature. According to Wikipedia, each Hexagonal fractal is formed by successive pieces of seven regular hexagons. Each piece is also formed by placing a scaled hexagon in each corner and one in the center, the figure will be obtained because each iteration has 7 hexagons that are scaled by 1/3. I’m still not quite sure what this means yet, but I’m hoping that I will learn more about it very soon.



After looking at several pictures and information about the fractal, I realized how even though the whole thing looks very intricate, its parts have the same form and structure as the whole. I think that it would be easy for me to set the dimension and size for this fractal since it is adjustable from the file in Thingiverse. Hopefully I will get nice successful results once I start printing them, like the one shown in the picture below from Mechadense. 

I also found a video to help myself visualize my fractal, and it also shows how there are hexagonal patters that are always recurring:

When I take a look at it the first time it was a little bit confusing because the video showed the patters quickly, but after a while I was able to put the video in slow motion and then I noticed how the fractal can be condensed into its previous shape and then if we want to expand it, then a copy of itself is made and this can go on an infinite number of times. I’m looking forward to try printing them, the only concern I have is that the structure might be a little bit fragile and some of the joints, but hopefully everything will turn out well.

3D Printing Results 

This image shows my final print design. I adjusted the size so that it would not print for a long period of time, in fact this print took me for only about forty five minutes. I wasn’t able to complete the whole printing process because there was a bit of a problem with the printer, however, even though the fractal wasn’t completely finished it still looks like the model that is shown on Thingiverse. I posted a picture of my fractal on Mechadense’s page, which is the person who shared the fractal on Thingiverse. The honeycomb fractal is a bit more intricate than it looks, but I think that after doing my first attempt, I am more curious as to make a second attempt and hopefully this time it will come out perfectly.

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