Sixfold Koch

The first fractal I want to print is Sixfold Koch. I like this fractal, the mathematical  expression of sixfold is excatly what I was looking for. Accoriding to Thingiverse, it was created by pmoews in 2013. Its name was created by his basic shape.

I believe it is printable because of its reletively simple and straight forward design. No matter how complex the finish product looks like, it is made by two simple components, triangles and straight lines. All the parts are connected to one another with no breaks in between.

“To conduct a stage of iteration take each of the five lines and substitute the basic motif. The simple blue figure illustrates one stage of iteration. Two triangles are lost when we carry out this process as they overlap.” Said by the creator Pmoews.

I found this design on thingiverse created by Pmoews on Thingeverse. I am not at all concerned about its printibility because it has been printed by others many times. Plus I can also scale down the design by decreasing the number of components making it easier to print.

3D Printing Project

After it was printed by the printing machine, I was proud of it. This is my first time and I succcess. I also learn the flexibility of printing machine is fantastic, because i think my project is hard to print before I made it. And I also saw some projects of others, I realized I have more knowledges to learn about 3D printing.

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