Bird Fractal

November 9, 2017 Jiahao Guo

I named my fractal the bird Fractal because I think the removed squares resemble little tiny bird. To create this , I removed (0,0), (1,1), (3,1), (1,3), and (3,3). The surface area for level one is 11 because we started out with 16 pieces total, and I removed 5 pieces. The area for level two […]

Sixfold Koch

September 3, 2017 Jiahao Guo

The first fractal I want to print is Sixfold Koch. I like this fractal, the mathematical  expression of sixfold is excatly what I was looking for. Accoriding to Thingiverse, it was created by pmoews in 2013. Its name was created by his basic shape. I […]


August 30, 2017 Jiahao Guo

Hi, This Jiahao Guo. I came from China. I was born in a big family and I am very outgoing. I plan to go to UREC at least four times each week this semester. I hope to learn new stuff in this class. And this […]