Hi! My name is Basilios Dallas, but my first name is pronounced Vasili (Vuh-Silly). I’m from Newport News, Virginia. I am a Junior here at James Madison University, and I am majoring in Sport Management with minors in General Business and Sport Communication. I volunteer a lot with Athletics here at JMU as well as with other Athletics programs within the immediate area (University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University).

Rocks Vasili

I spend a lot of my free time watching sports, or finding a way to consume sport in one way or another. I also love hanging out with my boys, who are like brothers to me. We love going to athletic events, and love museums and random day trips.


I’m actually really excited for this course because I hate math. It stinks. But, I think that 3D Printing in Math is a concept I can get behind, so hopefully this semester will be an enjoyable one. Let’s have some fun!!