Rhombicuboctahedron Showcase

December 13, 2017 vasilidallasjmu

On Thursday, we had a ton of fun showing off our Rhombicuboctahedron open project off to those who came to the showcase. We had an opportunity to share our story of how we came to choose our object, and how we learned about polyhedral graph theory and its application […]

Centerless Carpet Fractal

November 13, 2017 vasilidallasjmu

For my Fractal Carpet, I removed the four center coordinates – (1,1) (2,1) (1,2) and (2,2). This is what Level 1 of my Fractal Carpet looks like. The math for Level 1 is very simple. This Level has 16 equal units. I took out four. So 16 – 4 =12. The four in the center are the coordinates […]

Logarithmic Spiral

September 4, 2017 vasilidallasjmu

The fractal I have decided to print and analyze first is called the Logarithmic Spiral. This fractal is related to the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers, and is sometimes referred to as the golden spiral. According to the Wiki I found, The logarithmic spiral was first […]


September 3, 2017 vasilidallasjmu

Hi! My name is Basilios Dallas, but my first name is pronounced Vasili (Vuh-Silly). I’m from Newport News, Virginia. I am a Junior here at James Madison University, and I am majoring in Sport Management with minors in General Business and Sport Communication. I volunteer […]