Spiral cube

My first fractal that I would like to print is called the Spiral cube. I was very interested in this shape because it combines the square and spiral.

There is the link from Wikipedia

Here is a structured picture of the Spiral cube and it comes from Izabela

As you can see it is a fascinating shape and picture! I also have a video to show how does it work from youtube

I find an example of the spiral cube from Thingiverse

Finally, hope I can get a successful shape of my first 3D print.

3D Printing Results

This is what I print in the last class, during that time I feel my one is more complicated compared to my other group mate. Actually, the regular size of this fractal will spend more than 2 hours, so I narrow the size of this fractal. After the machine finishes the printing that has a lot of support materials on the surface expect the top of the cover. I used the vices to took out the support materials and that looks like the picture I posted. There is what I print from Thingiverse.