Supreme Fractal Carpet

November 9, 2017 Yang Zhou

This is my fractal carpet. The total surface area is 4*4 that is 16, I remove 5 pieces of the total area that become 16-5=11. The following pictures is my different level of Fractal Carpet, the total area and my Level 1 fractal carpet, and the total area and my Level 3 fractal carpet. […]

Spiral cube

September 3, 2017 Yang Zhou

My first fractal that I would like to print is called the Spiral cube. I was very interested in this shape because it combines the square and spiral. There is the link from Wikipedia Here is a structured picture of the Spiral cube and it comes from Izabela […]


August 31, 2017 Yang Zhou

Hello! My name is Yang Zhou. I come from China and my favorite sport is badminton. I will play badminton with my friends on Urec. I also like swimming. This is my first-time take the 3space class and hope to learn more knowledge from this […]