Octahedron Fractal

I would like to print the Octahedron for my first fractal print. This fractal design is very detailed and complex which is why I thought this would be very interesting to print. According to Wikipedia, the Octahedron flake is formed by successive flakes of six regular octahedrons. The flakes are formed by placing an octahedron scaled by a half in each corner.

This model was created by Taroh on Thingiverse using Blender and OpenSCAD. This fractal is sized to be about 1.0mm. It was resized to 50mm so that there was a flat face bottom. This YouTube video, Octahedron Fractal Graph by Henry Segerman shows a 3D print of the model that he produced on shapeways.com.

Although this is the first time I will be printing my own fractal, I’m very excited to create this model. The size of the model seems reasonable but if not I can make it a smaller size. I think this model will not be that difficult to create but if their are some issues throughout this process I will be willing to change the model.

3D Printing Results

My print was made a lot smaller because if I made it at its true size, It would’ve taken a few days to make. Although it’s very small, when I am able to make it to its actual size it will come out like the models shown in the other pictures. This model only took about 35 minutes to make. I learned that this model takes very long to make so when I make it larger in the future it is going to take a few hours. The model I printed was downloaded from Thingiverse and was made by Taroh.

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