Wave Fractal

The first fractal I would like to print is called the Wave Fractal. On Thingiverse, GKindl posted a model of the Wave Fractal. It caught my eye because I love the ocean and waves are so majestic. According to Gkindl, the fractal was created by transforming a square into three different squares and then continuously repeated.

The picture above is a Japanese piece called the “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai. This was published in 1832. As you can tell, the wave is extremely detailed and complex. The colors are so vibrant and there’s so much movement in the design.

When I initially found the Wave Fractal on Thingiverse, the design looked new and interesting to me but as i continued my research, the design became similar to what we have been designing in class. The Wave Fractal consists of many dragon curves repeated to look like the shape of a wave.

3D Printing Results

The picture above is my print of the wave fractal. I was a bit nervous to print it because it is so complex and detailed but it took about 47 mins to print. I think it came out pretty nicely. It is kind of hard to see the different versions of the squares but if you look closely, you can see the pattern. I added my Make to Thingiverse so others can view it.