Firework Fractal

For our first design, we wanted to go with something that was simple to create but flexible to expand on. As of now, our design is made up of different sized shape of gears. We started off with the center gear being 60×60 and then […]

Wave Fractal

September 4, 2017 Isabelle Murakami

The first fractal I would like to print is called the Wave Fractal. On Thingiverse, GKindl posted a model of the Wave Fractal. It caught my eye because I love the ocean and waves are so majestic. According to Gkindl, the fractal was created by […]


August 30, 2017 Isabelle Murakami

Hello I’m Isabelle Murakami! I am from Northern Virginia and a junior Hospitality Management major with a minor in Business. This is my second time taking a math class at JMU but I am really excited to work with a 3D printer. I’ve never actually […]