Thurs Nov 16 – Dimension

First: Print stuff

  • Anything need reprinting? If you can’t get the raft off, accidentally printed with a brim that is now stuck all around your fractal, or if a print doesn’t look great for some other reason, then print it again. Use the Ultimakers.
  • If you think you can print a Level 4 then give it a shot! Larger-holed carpets will work best.

Second: Math

  • Check over series work
  • Review fractal dimension; see 10/21 Timeline post and video
  • Calculate the dimension of your fractal (the “infinite” version)
  • Add a section to your blog post explaining this calculation

What happens next?

  • Homework: Add dimension section to blog post; see the Assignments page
  • Next week: Blog post grades, final revisions, plan how presentations will work
  • Last week of school: Continue planning/printing/revisions, then Thursday final presentations in the Mathematics Department, in Roop 103
  • Final exam period, Thurs 12/14 ending at 10am: Final versions of everything are due for end-of-semseter grading. We will not meet during this period and there will not be an exam; it is only a deadline for your final blog post submissions and revisions. You may finish earlier in the week if you choose, but after 10am on 12/14 no more changes will be accepted.