Meissner Tetrahedron Showcase

Group Members
Michael Mathis
Hunter Simmons
During the showcase on Thursday, Hunter and I focused on showcasing the technical capabilities of the Meissner Tetrahedron. We mainly focused on its ability to spin 360 degrees without interruption. We printed six new Meissner tetrahedrons of equal size to demonstrate its rolling capabilities with a flat textbook. In fact, we were able to bring in a few math-savvy friends for the ride! We explained the concept, followed by a brief explanation of its real-world application (in car engines, as a square hole drill, etc.) The presentation was mathematically mostly-conceptual. We explained how diameter was always equal, but not necessarily radius. Also, we had a gif of our rolling capabilities in order to properly show, in case our example stalled. We even checked out some other projects as well!