Meissner Tetrahedron Showcase

December 5, 2017 Michael Mathis

During the showcase on Thursday, Hunter and I focused on showcasing the technical capabilities of the Meissner Tetrahedron. We mainly focused on its ability to spin 360 degrees without interruption. We printed six new Meissner tetrahedrons of equal size to demonstrate […]

Roadway Carpet Fractal

November 9, 2017 Michael Mathis

My carpet fractal was created by removing the following coordinates: (2,0), (2,1), and (2,2). In Level 1, I am simply removing each coordinate that I had removed earlier, which each represent, for the sake of this post, a 1 ft^2 size square. So (2,0), (2,1), and (2,2) amount to […]

Sierpinski Carpet

September 5, 2017 Michael Mathis

For my first fractal, I would love to try printing a Sierpinski Carpet. Not only am I beginner on the front of 3D printing, but I am also very fascinated by minimalist design. Illustrative Mathematics states that this is a fractal whose area is zero, […]


September 5, 2017 Michael Mathis

Good morrow. My name is Michael Mathis, and I am a junior SMAD major with a concentration in Digital Video & Cinema, as well as a minor in Creative Writing. I’m originally from Westport, Connecticut. My passions include filmmaking, comedy, and pretty much most things […]