Final Exam – Wed Dec 14 and Fri Dec 16

When is it?

The time of the Final Exam depends on your section of MATH 231 and follows the official JMU Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2016:

  • The Section 03 (9:05-9:55 MWF) final is on Wednesday, December 14, from 8:00-10:00 am.
  • The Section 04 (10:10-11:00 MWF) final is on Friday, December 16, from 8:00-10:00 am.

You will need to take the Final Exam at the time alloted for your section, unless we have an advance agreement for you to switch to the other time slot.  In the final weeks of the semester I will hand around a sign-up sheet for students that wish to switch exam days.

What is on the final?

Everything from the class is fair game for the Final Exam. You will need to show mastery of all topics from Chapters 0-4 that we covered throughout the semester.

How can you prepare for it?

We’ll talk more about how to prepare for the final when we get closer to the end of the semester. For now, make sure to stay on track and not fall behind in the course. Set aside extra time each week to take care of homework problems you didn’t solve, quiz problems you answered incorrectly, or exam problems that you missed. Don’t wait until the end of the semester to shore up your knowledge.

In addition, you should plan to spend the last two or three weeks of the semester reviewing for the final, on top of the new material from those weeks. Make time in your schedule so that you have time to review comfortably and over a long period of time.

After the exam

Once the exams are graded I will set your final grades for the course and post them to MyMadison. I will also send email to students about their grades for the final and the course. Final exams will not be handed back; if you wish to look at your final you may do so by making an appointment to see me in my office.