Test 1 – Friday, September 30

// When is it?

The first class Midterm Exam will be Test 1 on Friday, September 30.

// What is on the test?

Test 1 will cover all topics covered in the first five weeks of class:

  • All of Chapter 0, and
  • The first two sections of Chapter 1.

// How can you prepare for it?

The best way to prepare for this exam is to complete at least the minimum amount of suggested homework in your Notebook every day, and to ask questions and get help immediately as needed throughout the course. In addition, I encourage you to work together outside of class and discuss the material out loud. As a review, make lists of what you think you will be expected to know from each section, and then make sure to study and practice the topics that are the most difficult to you.

Preparing for a math test is like training for a marathon; you should be working every day over a long period to get in shape for the event, and then resting the night before the event. Marathon runners don’t avoid training until the day before the race and then spend hours running laps the night before. Give your brain time to absorb the material, and give yourself time to seek help on difficult topics on a day-by-day basis instead of at the last minute.

Good luck! I am always happy to talk with you about strategies for studying, reviewing, and succeeding on exams; feel free to ask me anytime if you need help.

// Where did the Exam Problems come from?

Every question on the exam was taken directly from the homework. There were different versions of the exam, but looking at the version pictured in the key below, here is the list of which exercises from the textbook are behind each problem on the exam:

  • Question 1: #29 in Section 0.3
  • Question 2: #21–29 in Section 0.6
  • Question 3: #76 in Section 0.6
  • Question 4: #30 in Section 0.4
  • Question 5: #9 in Section 0.4
  • Question 6a: #51 in Section 0.1
  • Question 6b: #23 in Section 0.2
  • Question 6c: #53-60 in Section 0.5
  • Question 7: #55-66 in Section 0.7
  • Question 8: #21 and #30 in Section 1.2
  • Question 9: #59 in Section 1.1
  • Question 10a: #1e in Section 0.5
  • Question 10b: #36 in Section 0.7
  • Question 10c: #1e in Section 0.1
  • Question 10d: Theorem 0.18 in Section 0.3
  • Question 10e: Theorem 0.14 in Section 0.2
  • Question 10f: #6 in Section 1.3
  • Question 10g: #1 in Section 1.1
  • Question 10h: #1d in Section 0.6
  • Question 11a: Chapter 0 Review and Definition
  • Question 11b: Chapter 0 Review and Theorem
  • Question 11c: Chapter 0 Review and Theorem
  • Question 11d: #1d in Section 0.5

// Exam Key

test1_key3-00001 test1_key3-00002 test1_key3-00003