Customizable Soap Tray

Initial Design Idea

For our openSCAD project, we are going to create a customizable soap tray.  We want to design this because it is very practical and can be used everyday in homes everywhere.  As we start this project, we have the basic knowledge that we need to navigate around the openSCAD software and create the basic shapes that we need for our tray.  In order to complete this design, we will have to learn how to completely customize shapes and designs in openSCAD.  In order to learn this, we can rewatch tutorials, do some more background research on writing code, and just mess around on the software to see what we can figure out.

Design Iteration

portion of code, adapter from polybowls

module polyShape(solid){
for ( i = [1: 3] ){
translate(i * [13,0,0])
for ( i = [1: 7] ){
translate(i * [0,11,0])
// start with outer shape
offset( r=5, $fn=48 )
circle( r=radius, $fn=sides );
// take away inner shape
if (solid==”no”){
offset( r=5-thickness, $fn=48 )
circle( r=radius, $fn=sides );


  • We had to add a lot of translations to make the for code work.
  • Also had to change how big the polyshapes are allowed to get, so that they don’t take over the make.

First Draft Print

  • The draft print worked out well, however we messed up the dimensions. Instead of making the soap dish the size of a soap dish… it’s the size of a soap bar. The grate fits perfectly within the box portion, which will be really good later. I learned how to make a for loop which was very difficult to figure out.

Thingiverse Customizer

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/21

  • copy part of your code here and describe how it works with the Customizer
  • which parameters will you let users modify or not, and in what ranges?
  • include a screenshot of your model in use in the Thingiverse Customizer
  • upload code and demo model and image to Thingiverse and enable Customizer
  • add JMU3SPACE tag and link both ways between Thingiverse and this post

Final Prints

10 points, due by noon on Thursday 2/21

  • print three final customized versions of your model
  • include photos of your final prints and describe the parameters used for each
  • discuss these final prints and their strengths and weaknesses
  • change the Featured Image for this post to your photo of final print(s)