Christina Lorenc and Ariana Freeman Tinkercad Project Outline

Initial Design Idea

Team members: Christina Lorenc and Ariana Freeman

We plan to create a modern mansion because we want to make a replica of our own dream house. From the start, we know how to use Tinkercad efficiently as well as importing pictures to help us build our mansion. For this project, we will have to learn how to make intricate objects for the house interior, as well as measuring floors, walls, and garage spaces. We will learn this by watching Tinkercad tutorials and through trial and error. We built this house using multiple different shapes and imported pictures to add details and landscape.

First Draft Print

Our first print of the house did not go very well (pictured above). We learned that we have to add support beams and make sure there are no hidden objects in the house that we may have forgot about. We printed the house again with the build plate adhesion and the generate support boxes checked. Pictured below is our 2nd draft print.

Design Iteration

To build our mansion, we had to add beams under the deck and make the balcony thinker so the printer could print this part easier. We added two long boxes as support beams and used the width tool to add thickness to the balcony. We also removed the windows for now, along iwth the front door and landscape. We also took off the chairs because we could not get them thick enough to print, but we can always print them separately.

Final Print

Overall, I thought that the final print turned out pretty well. I tried to print our full diagram of the house, but opted to just do the house with the drive way and the car because the printer was having a hard time with the other parts. I also tried printing the house on the Lulzbot printer, but liked this one more. It did need some help with the driveway at first as it kept getting stuck at that point, but after some help it printed the rest very well. The deck turned out a lot better than I thought it would so I would say that is a main strength of this print.

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