Sierpinski carpet

The fractal model I found that I would like to print is the Sierpinski Carpet.  According to this Wikipedia article, this fractal is made by taking a shape, dividing it into smaller copies of the same shape, taking away some of the copies, and continuing.  I think this fractal is really cool because the model I found is made using squares but it can be made using all kinds if different shapes.  It can also be made in a two or three-dimensional model (though a three-dimensional version of this shape is called a Sierpinski Sponge).  This picture is of a two-dimensional version from the Wikipedia article mentioned earlier.

The model I found to print is by phooky on Thingiverse.  I think this model would print well because it is a level three Sierpinski Carpet so it isn’t too elaborate.  It is a two-dimensional version and it measures 2″x 2″ which is about 50 millimeters by 50 millimeters.  That seems like it will be big enough to show the shape well but not so big that it would take too long to print.

3D Printing Results

To print my Sierpinski Carpet, I used the Afinia printer for the first time. It came out pretty well and it only took about fifteen minutes to print.  Here is my make in Thingiverse.  I ended up using a different model than I planned because the first model I found had the wrong file type for the printers we use in class.  Instead, I found this model by Chevron42 which had options to print the Sierpinski Carpet at different levels.  I printed it at the third level.


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