Funky 8 Carpet Fractal

November 14, 2017 Emily Clark

For my fractal, I removed the coordinates [0,0], [2,1], [1,2], and [3,3].  This created a shape that is symmetrical and that is why I like it.  If you turn it a little, it looks like the number ‘8’ but with straight lines instead of curved ones. For this fractal, we assumed the area 16 units.  Each large […]

Sierpinski carpet

September 3, 2017 Emily Clark

The fractal model I found that I would like to print is the Sierpinski Carpet.  According to this Wikipedia article, this fractal is made by taking a shape, dividing it into smaller copies of the same shape, taking away some of the copies, and continuing.  […]


August 29, 2017 Emily Clark

Hi!  My name is Emily C.  I’m not a big fan of putting my picture online so here is a picture of a violin instead. I chose that one because I am a music major studying on the violin.  I signed up for this class […]