Tues Oct 24 – Open Project Checklist

Time to wrap up the Open Projects! Here is a checklist for you to follow so that you can make sure you have all the right elements in your blog post and your presentation.

  • Organization
    Does your post have the correct organization by sections? See the Timeline post from 10/12 for the list of the six sections you should have, and for more information on what should be in each section.
  • Exposition/Presentation
    Remember that the final section of your blog post should be the basis for the main portion of your presentation in front of the class; this is what your classmates will refer to when studying the math behind your project. Be sure to include links, pictures, gifs, videos, or any other media that helps tell your story. Your exposition in this final section will be worth the most points when your projects are graded. For more information about what I expect during your presentations, see the Timeline post from 10/17.
  • Mathematics
    Have you told a “math story” in the final section? This may or may not include “calculations”, but could also include things like: Why did you study this object? Why do mathematicians find it interesting, what kinds of questions do they ask about it, and what is already known? Is there anything you need to “prove”? What mathematical concepts are illustrated by your 3D prints? Some of you may have pieces of your math story in your “project idea” section, and need to expand on that writing in your final math story section.
  • Final Print(s)
    Make them good, don’t be afraid to print large if you need to, make sure your prints are ready before your presentation.
  • Formatting
    Make sure you have a featured image, properly sized section headers, images changed to “full size”, and that everything looks nice.