Four Corner Fractal Carpet

November 14, 2017 Jennifer Marks

To make my fractal I removed the four corners of the blank carpet. I removed the coordinates [0,0], [3,0], [0,3], and [3,3]. With each iteration the  four corners of each square get removed. I designed my fractal this way because I wanted something neat and […]

Menger Sponge

September 4, 2017 Jennifer Marks

According to Wikipedia the Menger Sponge is a 3 Dimensional fractal curve. It  was first described by Karl Menger in 1926. To create a Menger Sponge you start with a cube. The face of a Menger Sponge is a Sierpinski carpet, a 2 dimensional fractal. Every […]


August 30, 2017 Jennifer Marks

Hi my name is Jennifer Marks! I’m from NOVA and I’m a junior this year. I’m a history major with a concentration in public history. Someday I hope to work at a Smithsonian museum. I enjoy watching documentaries, cooking, traveling and  hiking. This is my […]