Dragon Curve Showcase

December 14, 2017 Michael Conway

For the final class of the semester, Hugh and I did a presentation on the dragon curve at the showcase. We had examples of every level of the dragon curve from level one to level 12. We constructed levels six through 12 and drew out the first six levels of the curve […]

Sunflower Fractal

September 13, 2017 Michael Conway

After studying fractals in class for the past few weeks, our group decided to try to make our own. In making our fractal we decided to go for a sunflower type shape with a hollow center, where the image repeats by halving its size […]

Sierpinski Carpet

September 2, 2017 Michael Conway

Above is the Fractal, the Sierpinski Carpet (abbreviated “carpet”). According to a Wikipedia article here, the carpet is one generalization of the cantor set to two dimensions, similar to the cantor dust (shown below). While I do not know what much of this means right […]


August 31, 2017 Michael Conway

Hello, My name is Michael Conway. I am a sophomore Hospitality Management major from Northern Virginia (Ashburn). I like to play drums or go to UREC (sometimes) in my spare time. I also enjoy travelling with family and friends, and two of my favorite places […]