Test 2 – Friday, March 31

// When is it?

Test 2 will be on Friday, March 31, 2017.

// Is it important?

Yes. Just like Test 1, this test is worth a lot: 100 points, which is twice as much as all the Homework Quizzes combined, and half as much as the Final Exam. It’s about a fifth of your grade in this class. Make sure to put this date on your calendar, because this is one of two class days that you absolutely don’t want to miss. You can’t drop a Test and there are no make-up Tests. On the other hand if you have a serious emergency or situation please let me know as soon as possible. My sympathy with your plight will be related to the seriousness and persistence with which you attempt to contact me about your situation.

// What is on the test?

Test 2 will cover all topics covered since Test 1, that is, everything from the seventh through twelfth weeks of class, including:

  • Recap problems from Test 1
  • All of Chapter 7
  • Flashback to Section 3.1

Of course, the material in calculus is cumulative, so exam questions will also require you to have mastery of the material from the earlier part of the course.

// How can you prepare for it?

Once again, study early and often, and don’t fall behind. To review, figure out what you need to know from each section and then study what you know the least, instead of just practicing things you are already comfortable with. Form study groups and work in the SMLC and with other students outside of class. Use your Notebook wisely.

// Where do the Exam Problems come from?

Every question on the exam will be taken directly from the homework. After the exam I will list those problems here.