Conceptualizing Education

Monday our team met with members of JMU’s Education Department to discuss potential ideas and to seek professors to join us in our project. When we pitched our idea, we made sure that they understood the purpose as to why we were seeking help and ideas. There was a professor that already used 3D design and printing within her classroom (and she was a math teacher.) She is more than willing to help us, and she threw out the idea of creating something to help students grasp geometry, and sciences other than anatomy, biology cells, and chemistry molecules.  A lot of them told us that we should look into Sol (VA’s Standard of Learning) and choose a topic within a mathematical or science course.

Advice given:

  1. SOL:
    1. Place Value
    2. Fractions
    3. Grammar
    4. Math*
  2. Attachable models
  3. Graphs to come to life
  4. DNA (already made)


Overall, the meeting was very successful. We left thinking we’re ready to sit down and start creating our project.  We acquired 3 faculty members who were interested in joining us. Now, we are to await feedback and the ideas of these instructors.  I think that’s the most time consuming part of this project and working with others outside of our group… The groups is on a time schedule and although we understand so are instructors, they were interested in being apart of this project.. Furthermore, we are meeting with another division of the education department (elementary) to get more advice! The picture above is of Ana and I (Gabriella) at Memorial hall after our meeting with the Middle School Education Department.


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Educational Dukes

Three girls just trying to make a difference in the education field.