A Progression of Faces

A Learning Experience for Us All

Unfortunately, our final attempt did not unlock the iPhone X. After spending the entire semester working with various methods, we were unable to produce a final product that was able to register as James’ face. Despite being unable to unlock the phone, we are proud of the large amount of progress that we made over the course of the semester. Starting the semester, the four of us had little to no knowledge of either 3D printing or facial recognition software.

We learned how to use 3D scanners, and how to edit the scans. We learned how to manipulate our 3D models. Finally we learned how to put it all together to make a final product. What we lacked was an understanding of the complexity of Apple’s Face ID software.

The Making of our video

We began the video editing process by making a very rough draft of a script. We then compiled all of the pictures that we have taken over the course of the semester that would relevant to this presentation. Ultimately, we hope to provide somewhat of a solid foundation for future students to build on. We’ve using iMovie to edit our final video. We decided on a combination of methods as to how we were going to present the semesters work. We decided to present our final mask first, with the idea being that we could show the most recent progress first and state early on that we were unable to crack the software. Then we went back to the first mask and decided to provide a walk through in case anyone was interested in replicating the steps of each previous mask.